When Fireworks High Five: The 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

There is an unwritten rule among fireworks that they can only give each other high fives if they deliver a performance so exquisite they make discerning  adults have conversations like this:
Adult 1: “Ang galing!” (wow!)
Adult 2: “Oo nga eh.” (yeah!)
Adult 2: “Ang galing!” (wow!)
Adult 1: “Oo nga eh.” (heck yeah!)
Adult 1: “Ang galing!” (wow! wow!)
Adult 2: “Oo nga eh!” (hell yeah!)
When that conversation goes on for about 20 minutes, then something is off. 
I usually articulate my thoughts (or the lack thereof) like that when, A. I’m looking at something I can’t wrap my head around, or B. I’m piss drunk I can’t feel my head.
But for two consecutive Saturdays in February at least, the former was the case for me – my ability to verbalize was challenged by fireworks, and based on the two-to-three-worders I came up with, I was defeated.
This prompted all of the firework-hood at the 5th International Pyromusical Competition to high five. And it certainly looked as if the fireworks were giving each other high fives on the second show I caught. That Saturday, it was the delegates from the U.K. (Jubilee Fireworks) and Spain’s (Brunchu Pyro Experience) turn to light up the Manila Bay sky.
Both countries gave astounding performances, so much so that when we tried breaking down the displays (this was much later when we had partially recovered our faculties), we couldn’t decide whose presentation was better.
Spain’s display seemed to be dominantly paintings of things cosmic, of exploding and imploding galaxies. For U.K., what stood out were their stealthy fireworks –  you couldn’t see them shooting from the ground but were suddenly bursting in the sky.  These fireworks do a lot of tricks you’d think they had a mind of their own.
Both competitors also chose popular songs for their displays. I think Katy Perry, Pink and Nate Ruess, and Bruno Mars, all had to sing twice that night.
I tell you, a sky lit with fireworks dancing to music is enough to put you in a trance. If you weren’t busy gawking and feeling elated, you might actually suspect these fireworks of being out to enslave humanity via mind-control.  But mesmerized that you are, you’d wish these displays would never ever end. 
Both times I went, when I sensed that the presentation of the first competitor was about to end, I was both happy and sad. Happy because that meant less time to wait to watch another country show their mettle, but at the same time, it was a reminder of the inevitable end of another firework-filled Saturday night. 
The firework festivities at the SM Mall of Asia grounds, at least for this year, end tonight. It’s your last chance, at least this year, to finally tick the pyromusical competition off your list. 
So GO!
You can buy your tickets at any SM ticket booth, Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets. Tickets are priced at P100 (Silver), P300 (Gold), P500 (VIP), and P1,500 (Patron -Inclusive of dinner). 

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